World Economic Forum; ”How to move towards more inclusive procurement in Europe”

Many thanks Victoria Mallinckrodt for including me in this important article on the World Economic Forum page; How to move towards more inclusive procurement in Europe. Highlights include an overview of the benefits of a more diverse supply chain and how to overcome the challenges Europe faces when it comes to supplier diversity and inclusion.Continue reading “World Economic Forum; ”How to move towards more inclusive procurement in Europe””

Supplier Diversity Initiative at JFK

I have not seen anything like this in Europe YET(?)! What a great initiative by The Port Authority of New York / New Jersey posted at JFK. They are encouraging MWBE’s (Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprises) to become certified vendors with the Port Authority of New York / New Jersey. Port Authority of New YorkContinue reading “Supplier Diversity Initiative at JFK”

Inclusive Sourcing vs ESG ?

There is absolutely no reason for an EITHER OR … on the contrary, an inclusive sourcing program supports and complements a company’s ESG efforts in its supply chain. Many companies think of ESG solely in terms of sustainability. In fact, environmental, social and governance commitments are much more than sustainability. The same is true forContinue reading “Inclusive Sourcing vs ESG ?”

Largest Supply Chain Diversity & Inclusion Conference in Europe

What an inspiring few days, at the largest supply chain diversity and inclusion conference to be held in Europe in 2022. The MSDUK conference and awards ceremony will take place in London on September 8-9, starting with International Day in Luton on September 7. I’m very excited to participate in a panel discussion on ”LeadershipContinue reading “Largest Supply Chain Diversity & Inclusion Conference in Europe”

Recommendations for Diverse-Owned Businesses when working with Corporates

Find below some recommendations for small / diverse-owned businesses when working with corporates: Know where you fit into the company Ask questions (especially in RFx’s) Show passion for your business Highlight YOUR advantage vs larger suppliers Certify with minority associations and/or agencies where available See being a 2nd Tier supplier as a chance to growContinue reading “Recommendations for Diverse-Owned Businesses when working with Corporates”

Tips for Better Collaboration with Diverse-Owned Businesses

Corporates can help diverse-owned businesses succeed by avoiding practices that can contribute to their failure. The biggest challenges that occur for diverse owned businesses when working with global corporates are: Challenge to beat experience/qualifications/ references in scoring factors for diverse business vs established suppliers Payment Terms Lengthy contracts & onboarding procedures Geographical reach – geoContinue reading “Tips for Better Collaboration with Diverse-Owned Businesses”

WEConnect International Annual 2021 Report

WEConnect International helps drive money into the hands of women business owners by enabling them to compete in the global marketplace. WEConnect International has over 160 members from large procurement organizations committed to supplier diversity and inclusion that helps build sustainable communities by sourcing from women-owned businesses around the globe. They have over 14’000 women-ownedContinue reading “WEConnect International Annual 2021 Report”

MSDUK 2022 Conference & Awards

I am attending the MSDUK 2022 Conference and Awards in London on September 7-9, 2022. This conference is the largest event of its kind for Ethnic Minority Businesses (EMBs) across the UK and Europe. I’ll be on a panel in the morning on September 8th;SESSION 3: Leadership Commitment. Supplier Diversity Centre of Excellence. Are youContinue reading “MSDUK 2022 Conference & Awards”

Why procurement is every CEO’s secret weapon

In this great article from Procurement Mag, Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group & Co-author of the book, Profit from the Source, says; ”Procurement is about sustainability, innovation and risk; We define procurement a lot broader than being just about cost savings. We talk about sustainability, innovation, speed, quality, and having the risk.Continue reading “Why procurement is every CEO’s secret weapon”

Increase Cost Savings With Inclusive Sourcing

In this recent published article on, according to a McKinsey’s study the supply chain reset could help build a more equal economy. Data shows that the return on investment of partnering with diverse owned businessess is significant. The study found that companies sourcing from diverse owned businesses reported benefitting from increased innovation, competitiveness, andContinue reading “Increase Cost Savings With Inclusive Sourcing”