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Our supply chain consulting focuses not only on optimizing efficiency, but also on building sustainable and inclusive supply chains. Together, let’s revolutionize your sourcing strategies and create a positive social and environmental impact. Reach out for a tailored solution!

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Why fips consulting

  • a more sustainable & resilient supplier base

  • economic growth for all

  • more innovation from your suppliers

  • higher flexibility of your suppliers

  • increased efficiency and effectiveness from your suppliers

  • and also attract more diverse talents for your own organization?
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Enabling companies and organizations with passion, vision, service quality and innovation to buy from reliable, diverse and sustainable suppliers, creating sustainable growth for all.


Creating inclusive, sustainable, efficient and ethically operating Supply Chains.

Consulting as a Service

Say goodbye to traditional consulting models and embrace a flexible, cost-effective solution that brings unlimited consulting services directly to your fingertips.

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Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

How can you improve your competitive advantage & greater business efficiency ?

We help you create, advance and make your Supplier Diversity & Inclusion efforts more powerful

ESG Supply Chain Solutions

We support your ESG / Sustainability goals through Supply Chain solutions

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Supply Chain Process Optimization & Transformation

Optimize and transform your Supply Chain processes to gain more time for doing business


fips consulting CEO and Founder Andrea Fimian is a passionate Supply Chain consultant specializing in Supplier Diversity & Inclusion 1st & 2nd Tier efforts and ESG Supply Chain Solutions

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