Andrea Fimian, CEO & Founder of fips consulting – Passionate about creating inclusive, sustainable, and ethically operating Supply Chains

I am a passionate Supply Chain consultant who helps companies create inclusive, sustainable and ethical Supply Chains. I have several years of Supply Chain experience in a multinational company with tens of thousands of suppliers in direct and indirect procurement and have an extensive background in supplier diversity and inclusion, Supply Chain social responsibility, Supply Chain process optimization and transformation.

My strengths lie in my analytical-conceptual and pragmatic ability to provide you with appropriate ideas and customized solutions. My excellent knowledge in my field, including working in an agile environment, my project management skills and my understanding of design thinking techniques, allow me to develop sound assessments and solutions tailored to your needs. I am highly professional and understand how to combine my work ethic with a great sense of humor and fun.

I successfully managed one of the first corporate Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Programs for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for several years. In doing so, I had leadership over the planning, organization and implementation of the company’s commitment to Supplier Diversity & Inclusion in EMEA. Additionally, I developed and executed a strategy to build comprehensive relationships with diverse suppliers and created internal and external networking opportunities to connect diverse suppliers with business opportunities. I also led the global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Tier 2 initiative for which I successfully developed a strategy for EMEA, implemented a new reporting solution, introduced contractual requirements for Tier 1 suppliers and ensured timely and accurate reporting on them.

My strong leadership and management skills, as well as my willingness to challenge established purchasing processes, have earned me recognition and credibility in the industry.

In my corporate career, I have been part of the Corporate Service Corps, which sends small teams of high-performing employees for several weeks at a time to help communities around the world address economic and social challenges. The mission of these teams combines corporate responsibility with leadership training and business development – a new integration of the company’s business and social goals. In this effort, I worked with the Supply Chain management team of the Department of Health in the Free State, South Africa. Consultancy work included benchmarking current standard operating procedures, procurement business process recommendations, supplier workload reduction, improved reporting guidelines, and a high-level sustainability plan for the SCM improvement project.

I am committed to expanding a diverse supplier base. I have spoken at over 50 events, trade shows and conferences in English, French or German as a panelist or presenter to spread the word about inclusive sourcing. To further support diverse companies, I have developed a program that connects diverse suppliers with mentors, training and business development.

During my corporate time, I also led the Supply Chain Social Responsibility (SCSR) team in the EMEA region, where I expanded my environmental, social and governance (ESG) knowledge.

For my contribution to supplier diversity & inclusion, I received the Platinum Award for my ”Outstanding Diversity Commitment” from Women in IT at the IT Female Awards in 2019 (with Gold & Silver winners).

Why fips consulting

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