How To Bring More Diversity In Your Supply Chain

A great example provided by Krogers (an American retail company) who invented the Go Fresh & Local Supplier Accelerator to discover the best, most innovative and freshest local and regional products for their stores. They had over 1000 applicants, invited 15 to pitch and selected 5 winners – all of them being diverse owned businesses.

From an Afghan-style chutney inspired by a family recipe, refigerated pad thai and Asian noodle kits from a women-owned brand, gluten-free, keto-friendly pimento cheese from a family-owned and operated business, to spice and seasoning kits for homemade soul food from a black and woman-owned business and readymade heat-and-eat soups, chilis and gazpacho made from farm fresh local produce by a woman-owned business.

This accelerator program is a great example how to increase not only diversity but also innovation in your business!

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