Supplier Diversity moves up Corporate Agenda

This revealing article in the Supply Chain & Demand Executive online magazine shows how supplier diversity is moving up the corporate agenda.

”….Supplier diversity is a priority for 70% of organizations around the world, …….more than half (53%) of North American survey respondents stated that supplier diversity is a “high priority,” but this fell to just 17% among European organizations. …… ”

More than 11% of the companies in Europe stated that they simply don’t know where to start. In the survey, 55% of Europeans cited supplier innovation as reason for Supplier Diversity. Many respondents also mentioned improved internal culture and greater competition within the supply base. If you don’t want to miss out on innovation, improved internal culture and greater competition within your supply base, contact us now.

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fips consulting is here to help you starting or enhancing your Supplier Diversity / Inclusive Sourcing 1st & 2nd Tier programs in Europe.

The data above was conducted through a survey by JAGGAER and TealBook.

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