5 Core Challenges to Supplier Diversity in Europe

A great post from Kaleida mentioning 5 core challenges to Supplier Diversity in Europe, UK and the rest of the world with No 1 being ” Finding Diverse Suppliers”.

Another major challenge in regions outside the U.S., especially in Europe, is the lack of legislation for including diverse owned companies in tenders and for spending requirements. This, combined with cultural differences and GDPR regulations, makes it difficult for companies to develop such programs.

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Nonetheless, there is a great opportunity to strengthen a company’s DE&I and ESG programs through supplier diversity / inclusive sourcing that we should not miss.

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Link to the post from Kaleida.

Kaleida is a fully-inclusive B2B marketplace connecting Buyers to Suppliers with a strategic focus on providing firms committed to D&I and ESG with a global repository of Supplier Diversity data.

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