Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs Are Not Just For The Workforce

Most companies are aware of the concept and business benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion within the company. In many cases, however, this is only applied to the workforce and the benefits that a supplier Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program can bring to the company are not considered.

The impact of supplier diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs is often underestimated. While (many) global enterprises have long-running supplier DEI programs, small and mid-size firms commonly relegate supplier DEI programs to the bottom of their priority lists. Most firms put supplier diversity programs on the back burner because they don’t fully appreciate the benefits of a carefully crafted and well-administered supplier DEI program.

The statement above comes from GEP‘s white paper “How Create Business Value With An Effective Supplier Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program”, published by the Sourcing Industry Group, which includes lots of content on the business case for a supplier DEI program.

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Read more about about ”LEVERAGING THE VALUE OF SUPPLIER DEI PROGRAMS”, ”WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN SETTING UP A SUPPLIER DEI PROGRAM” and ”WHAT’S THE RIGHT SUPPLIER ENGAGEMENT MODEL FOR YOUR ENTERPRISE?” in this very insightful white paper. Download the witepaper here: https://sig.org/how-create-business-value-effective-supplier-dei-program

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