Why procurement is every CEO’s secret weapon

In this great article from Procurement Mag, Daniel Weise, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group & Co-author of the book, Profit from the Source, says; ”Procurement is about sustainability, innovation and risk; We define procurement a lot broader than being just about cost savings. We talk about sustainability, innovation, speed, quality, and having the risk. And that only works by putting suppliers at the core of the business. That’s our recipe: Profit from the Source. ….

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“The target of the book is really CEOs, because we think procurement still is corporate Siberia. We know from facts and research that a typical CEO only spends 1% of time with the procurement professionals and, hence, also just 1% of time with suppliers.”

”That is something we want to change. So the audience is the CEO, but every CPO will learn a lot by making their pitch towards the CEO by reading the book.”

Find the whole article here: https://procurementmag.com/risk-management/procurement-is-secret-weapon-for-ceos-bcgs-daniel-weise

As per my earlier blogs, supplier diversity & inclusion is not only supporting sustainability, innovation, and speed, but it also helps to increase cost savings.

Read more about it here: https://fipsconsulting.com/2022/07/22/increase-cost-savings-with-inclusive-sourcing/

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