Speaker at the Women’s Forum in Paris

Delighted and honored to announce that I will be a speaker at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting on the session ”Inclusive Supply Chains – an Untapped Potential for Positive Impact?“.

In this Daring Circle Women4Business Discovery Session, we will be talking about how increasingly more companies are acknowledging that sourcing from diverse suppliers is not only the “right thing to do” but also the “smart thing to do” to enable better, more innovative and creative solutions. But, what is the role of inclusive supply chains to achieve positive impact? How and why can sourcing from women-led or women-owned businesses increase an organization’s environmental social and economic impact? The Women’s Forum takes place in Paris on November 29 and 30.

Since its inception in 2005, the Women’s Forum has emerged as the leading international platform for transforming the power of women’s voices and perspectives into forward-thinking economic and policy initiatives for societal change. 

During the annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting, a worldwide community of top business leaders, lawmakers and agents of change from numerous sectors of the economy will be assembled. With representatives from over 175 countries and opportunities for executive networking on an international scale, the gatherings serve as both think tanks for effective decision-making and as showcases for the Forum’s initiatives. 

The Women’s Forum’s mission is to raise women’s voices and create change.

Full Programme; https://events.womens-forum.com/global-meeting-2022/sessions?searchtext=&page=2

Join us in Paris for this great event! I’m looking forward seeing you there.

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