Measuring Impact – Supplier Diversity Metrics

Do you think about implementing supplier diversity & inclusion efforts at your organization? There are both short-term and long-term actions you can incorporate into your strategy but before you start, ask yourself some questions…

How do I build impactful supplier diversity & inclusion efforts? What to take into consideration when starting off? What do I want to achieve?

Where do I start? Which categories or families do I want to put supplier diversity & inclusion efforts in place? What KPI’s can be put in place ? Where do I get funding? (Funding is crucial for successful efforts) ? Is my management supportive? How & what to communicate internally & externally? How to train stakeholders? (Training is a MUST for successful SD&I efforts) What is the impact that can be measured?
Where do I FIND diverse owned businesses?

Many more questions should be sorted before starting off, but keep in mind to better start off small than trying to boil the ocean at the very beginning.

white graphing paper with red and blue lines

With the fips Supplier Diversity Methodology, we help you find answers to these questions and support you with a customized solution to build world class supplier diversity & inclusion efforts. Contact

I also found this great article on how to build a meaningful supplier diversity program here.

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