What’s Stopping You From Extending DE&I Efforts To The Supply Chain?

Extending your Diversity, Equality & Inclusion efforts to your supply chain should be a no brainer.

Procurement spend is a company’s single largest cost element and a crucial component of the value chain. Procurement represents 30% of a service company’s revenue and at least 50% of a manufacturing company’s revenue. It’s also, then, a company’s biggest opportunity to drive change.

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Roles dedicated to fostering internal / HR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have more than doubled since 2015. Global progress on supplier diversity initiatives, however, has been slow. Research shows that most organisations have not started or are just beginning supplier diversity initiatives.

Companies need to optimize the supply base to achieve competitive advantage and add fuel for profitable growth. So why are they missing out on the opportunities of inclusive procurement, which affects almost half of their sales and offers so many advantages?

Contact fips consulting when YOU are ready to expand your DE&I efforts to your supply chain and realize the full potential of DE&I.

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