Do You Know Of Any Food Retailers In Europe That Are Holding Summits To Diversify Their Suppliers?

US food retailer Meijer will host Black Business Month Summit to diversify its suppliers. Meijer is looking to widen its supplier diversity by hosting a one-day Black Business Month Summit to promote networking between Black business owners and Meijer merchants. The summit, organized by the Meijer Supplier Diversity Team, will be held at the retailer’s corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA on August 16th, 2023.

What a great initiative for greater inclusion, equality and equity that could easily be replicated outside the US. Participation could also be expanded to more underrepresented groups such as businesses owned by women, ethnic minorities, LGBTIQ+, and people with disabilities.

But why would YOU want to host such a summit and include more diverse owned businesses in your supply chain?
Are you under cost pressure when sourcing your products and services? Does your company work with the same suppliers over and over again? Do you struggle to build diverse teams or anticipate the latest trends? Then, including diverse-owned companies in your supply chain is a good approach to overcome these challenges.

Do you know of any Food Retailers in Europe that are holding such summits?

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For Meijers this summit is “…. aimed to highlight the achievements, contributions and economic impact made by Black entrepreneurs and business owners,” said Carla Hendon, director of Supplier Diversity at Meijer, in a statement. “This event also gives Black-owned businesses the opportunity to demonstrate the quality, uniqueness and value of their products directly to our buyers.”

North America’s largest publicly traded grocery distributor UNFI and global food corporation Cargill are also supporting a new program to bring more Black farmers’ products to store shelves.


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