Procurement Wishes 2022

I fully agree to Coupa Software‘s Procurement wishes for 2022 which were shared on the Spend Matters webpage at the end of 2021.

Number 1 wish is to have a more inclusive supply chain. ”…supplier diversity factors must be embedded throughout the purchasing process. It’s not enough to just report on progress. Supplier diversity purchasing decisions must happen in real-time. It’s the only way a company’s good intentions can be turned into meaningful actions that have measurable impact.

In my view, only actions that are measured, managed according to certain guidelines, and supported by everyone can drive change.

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Wish No 2 is for Businesses to embrace circularity and sustainable technology. This goes hand in hand with the ESG agenda and supplier diversity actions of any company.

Number 3 wish is for ”Employees to become the drivers of change and corporate impact”. No sustainability, supplier diversity or other program can be successful without the commitment of all employees. That is why it is important that all employees pull together to achieve great things.

I look forward to helping companies make those wishes come true.

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