My Highlights from the GSA Festival of Sourcing & Supplier Diversity Day

I look back at two incredible days of many highlights around #impactsourcing , #responsiblesourcing and #supplierdiversity & #Inclusion at the GSA- Global Sourcing Association Festival of Sourcing & Council for Supplier Diversity UK (SDUK)‘ s Supplier Diversity Day.

I’m honored to have been a part of what felt like a historic gathering that I am very confident will move the needle for equality, equity and inclusion faster than ever before.

There were so many great sessions, but I’d like to mention a few personal highlights and express my thanks to:

🎯 FARIDA GIBBS for your endless engagement in Supplier Diversity & Inclusion
🎯🦚 Jason Roberts Roberts for being a fantastic and honest sparring partner and for showing me some of the finest rooftop bars in London
🎯Lisa Thorne for giving me insight into interesting, but also very funny cultural differences
🎯Scott Johnson for successfully running Veteran Owned UK with over 1700 veteran business members, and having your own business on top of that
🎯Ben Ngobi for sharing that you’re a true #rolemodel as you were along the first students to study business management and the environment at university when it was still a pilot
🎯Rachel Hartley for your commitment to raising awareness of #modernslavery and helping to eliminate it
🎯 Jehan Perinpanayagam and Otis Tawanda Makahamadze for your contribution to equality in Philippines & Zimbabwe
🎯Jay Rohman for sharing your personal story
🎯Victoria Poffley for being a great moderator in the ”How Corporates Have Developed their Supplier Diversity Programmes, Imparting Their Learnings & Advice” panel

Thanks also to Kerry Hallard & Abbie Lunn, the WHOLE GSA TEAM and the SDUK Council Sara Ahmad BA(hons),MCIPS, Sunita Hirani, Peter Zerp, Krystle Sands, Lauren Jones, Natasha Angell and Ruth Blechynden for all your hard work in making this event a success.

I can’t wait for next year to see what progress has been made.

Link to GSA and the event

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